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The Greatest story

The Bible is one of the most influential books in human history. This ancient library of stories, letters and poems has the power to transform the way we think and feel about everything. We can become so familiar with the Bible that we sometimes fail to see how novel, controversially progressive, and radical the stories really are. In our series "The Greatest Story: The Unexpected Narrative of Jesus" we explore the way the story of Jesus flips the expected narrative upside down.

We want to encourage everyone to engage with the Bible as we journey through this series so every week we will post a reading plan and discussion questions to this page for you to explore personally or in a group. 

Reading Plan

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February 23rd

This week we'll be in the book of Deuteronomy, and as part of our series we want to encourage you to engage with the stories ahead of time. For this week we recommend reading Deuteronomy 26. For some expanded reading read also Deuteronomy 8.

Take some time with these questions by yourself or with others!

If you’d like some tips and advice on reading the Bible check out Pastor Abraham’s blog post here.

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  1. Moses paints the image of two roads being set before us: one leading to life, and the other to death. The power of choice is placed on us. What choices in your life pull you to one road or the other? How might you go about choosing the road of life?

    2. God calls us to love, obey, and serve; to choose the path of life. Hate and disobedience bring their own destruction on the path of death. In what ways might our choice affect those around us? How is God calling you to help others choose the path of life?

    3. In vv.11-14 Moses tells us that the choice before us is simple. How might our priorities make the choice more difficult? The choice can sometimes be difficult but the power of the Spirit in our lives can help us make the right choice. Spend some time asking God to help you prioritize your life in ways that make the choice simple.