In 1995, a small group of believers answered the call to “do church differently” and Son Valley Fellowship was born. Seeing the need in Kelowna for an Adventist church that not only ministered to believers, but would be welcoming to people who did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ; Son Valley has sought to be relevant through the use of contemporary music and a more open worship style.

Seeing God’s leading has been a rewarding experience for this church. From a small core group that met in a basement in 1995 to a thriving congregation of over 200 members, the journey has been both amazing and challenging.  In 20 years, we moved eight times, each time in an attempt to follow the will of God and to fulfill His mandate: to turn non-Christians into passionate followers of Jesus Christ.


Over the years the rewards have far outweighed the challenges.  We’ve seen people far from God come to understand the depth of His love and grace and others, once trapped in unhealthy lifestyles, now living fulfilled, rewarding lives in service for God.

Today, Son Valley Fellowship is learning to be a biblical community where love, healing and transformation are experienced.  Seekers find this church to be a safe place to explore a relationship with God while believers grow in their experience with God by serving their community and church family.


And, we really are a family—with a strong sense of community and a passion to follow God. We believe He reveals Himself through Scripture, circumstances, prayer and the church. Son Valley is a safe place to share your successes and sorrows, your triumphs and trials.

Join us!  You’ll find a warm, welcoming environment where you can learn about God and get to know Him in a personal, meaningful way.