The Greatest Story

The Bible is one of the most influential books in human history. This ancient library of stories, letters and poems has the power to transform the way we think and feel about everything. We can become so familiar with the Bible that we sometimes fail to see how novel, controversially progressive, and radical the stories really are. In our series "The Greatest Story: The Unexpected Narrative of Jesus" we explore the way the story of Jesus flips the expected narrative upside down. We want to encourage everyone to engage with the Bible as we journey through this series so every week we will post a reading plan and discussion questions for you to explore personally or in a group. The reading plan is available here. 


In Depth Bible Study

Our Adult “In Depth” Bible Study class will begin again on October 5th at 10am in our Board Room. All are welcome!

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Young Adult Bible Study

Our young adult bible study group will be taking a brief break but join us on September 21st for community and bible study!


Youth BonFire

Youth of all ages are invited to a fun night at the LaLonde’s house, for games, snacks, and s’mores around the bonfire. For directions or information please contact Pastor Abraham

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Son Valley Calendar

Check out some the events scheduled for the coming year! Click the picture for an expanded view.