You Can't Curse the Blessed!


Do you ever feel unlucky? I think there's some innate part of us as humans that like to hold on to superstition, as minimal as it may be. We have lucky dice, lucky underwear, maybe we just feel lucky on a certain day. We wish people "good luck," we say that people were "unlucky" or have "bad luck." Our vernacular is filled with language that convey superstition. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just the way we express ideas, well wishes, or condolences, but sometimes it can be hard to distinguish simple language and actual belief. I know there's no such thing as luck; no random power in the universe that sways chance for some and not for others; that responds to unwashed underwear, knocking on wood, horseshoes, or four-leafed clovers. Yet still, when I'm playing a game with dice and consistently roll bad I swear it is the dice that are unlucky. Is there anyone else like that out there? There have been times in my life where I've even gone so far as to believe that I am having an unlucky day. But the world doesn't function through luck and bad luck. What we can rely on though is God blessing us His people. 

12 But God said to Balaam,
“Do not go with them.
You must not put a curse on those people,
because they are blessed.”

Numbers 22:12 (NIV)

There may be times in your life where you may feel like you are have an unlucky day. We even go so far as thinking something, or someday is cursed. The world will often try to bring you down through negativity, oppression, difficulties, and temptation. Satan knows that if he can get us down on ourselves, get us into cycles of self-loathing, and feelings of unworthiness, that he might convince us that we cannot turn to God in our sinful state. His goal is to curse us, and get us on a path of self-destruction. But God is infinitely greater than the devil. There is no scheme, no trap, no curse strong enough to prevent God's blessings from transforming your life. In Numbers the King of Moab asks Balaam to curse Israel, and when Balaam speaks with God he finds out that he can't curse Israel because they have already been blessed by God. No power can separate you from God's blessings; from God's love. God has overcome the powers of hell and death. He's overcome this world, and in His power He obliterates all negativity the world tries to instill in our lives. The amazing thing about being on God's side is that no matter how sinful we are, no matter how messed up we are, there is nothing that can overcome the power of God in our lives. You can't be cursed because God has already blessed you. You are blessed because He has overcome. 

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.
 In this world you will have trouble. 
But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33 (NIV)


God help me to realize the blessings you provide for my life. When the world tries to knock me down help me to rely on you, finding my strength, peace, and comfort in you. Don’t let the negativity of the world affect the way I see and experience your influence in my life. God help me to feel your truth, that I am blessed by you. AMEN

Son Valley Fellowship